Growing with Edible Publications

I was fortunate enough to begin my career in the publishing industry. While working as both an Art Director and an Editor, I fell madly in love with the entire creative side of the business. While the world has long gone digital, I’ve always kept that soft spot in my heart, and in my hands, for magazines.

Our clients are always asking us where best to focus their promotional efforts, but the return on investment on most print publications has dropped off dramatically in the last decade. Edible is the rare example of a magazine bucking this unfortunate trend. The Edible layout is gorgeous, the quality of the paper and ink is too lush to describe. You simply have to feel each issue to understand how unique this publication is. If you are finding us through Edible you know what we are talking about.

Edible's commitment to farmers, growers, and all businesses supporting community-based, local foods is on full display, from their stunning photography to some of the best feature writing you will find anywhere. As you would expect, the people behind this endeavor are equally authentic and a sheer joy to work with.

When my wife Carol and I started Watershed Media we wanted to work in this world and with people like this. Our name came from our love of nature, doing things the right way and helping them grow. We take enormous pride in our roots and our involvement and success in the local business community.

Over the past 12 years, we’ve helped rebrand Morrison’s Home & Garden, relaunched their website, and through ongoing advertising and promotions, played a role in their continuing growth in the shadow of the "big box" store. We’ve helped organic restaurants, farms, and agricultural concerns of all sizes find their voice and their audience within the pages of Edible.

We do our best work where we feel the most passion. If you are a farm, restaurant, or any business looking to work with good, like-minded people, please call or write to us. We would love to work with you.

Karl & Carol