Case Study: The Toast Office

John Fortin is our kind of client, wildly creative, savvy and a boatload of fun to collaborate with. A new restaurant space had just become available in Westwood MA and was flanked at the other end by a venerable U.S. Post Office. John is the master of updated diner food and has legions of fans from his successful Rox Diner in Boston. With a winking eye on his neighbor down the sidewalk, "The Toast Office" diner was born. 

Both John and I agreed from the start that we wouldn't lean too heavily on visual "flair" and try and be too clever. While the brand would be typographically similar the the vintage USPS lettering style, everything else would be elevated. I always liked the look of a cancelled postage stamp and rotated that circle and wavy lines, beefed up the weight to match the Futura style, set it in a deeper red and then turned it 90 degrees on it's head to give the impression of heat or steam coming off a plate. The rest of the palette avoids the cold, institutional USPS blue and opts for a neutral palette so the red in TOAST would pop.

The brand and the interior scheme can borrow loosely from other mail symbols but only in very small doses. This is a clean mark that looks for an equally clean implementation from signage to printed menus.