Small business? Make big waves with Splash!

Small independent businesses of every kind have to watch each dollar, we get that. However cutting corners on your website budget is only going to hurt your bottom line. You can’t spend a lot of money on your site but cheap websites don’t just look cheap, they also fail at getting you attention online. Where’s the bargain in that?

Chances are your current website is a template that looks like every other site, or maybe you have to pay someone to edit your page. Perhaps you’ve purchased a site through an industry vendor that does nothing to understand you or help drive your business. Even worse, your site is a Superpages or Dex Media website that you’re paying a ransom for and haven’t been able to update in years. Either way, it’s time to think bigger.

Watershed Media has been coming to the rescue of small businesses like yours for over 10 years. Regardless of the business, we create powerful and attractive websites that provide you with better online visibility and drive your customers to action. We can also help you get found on Google, make sure you are doing everything you can on Social Media and if your brand needs some updating, we’ve got the answer. Every Watershed Splash! website comes equipped with our Inlet Content Management System so you can easily make all of your updates. Better yet, it’s inexpensive and a snap to use.

Call or write Watershed today and let’s make some waves.

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