Inlet CMS

Your business depends on your ability to remain current and compelling in the eyes of your customer. Shouldn't your website be equally dynamic and up to date? Watershed Media provides this simple, but powerful editing capability with our own Inlet Content Management System.

Inlet was designed to provide you with the simplest means of updating your website without having an ounce of technical knowledge. If you are hosting an event next week then take five minutes to add it to your events section. Was an article just published about your business? Share the news with your customers. New special on the menu? Done. All you need to do is select the information onscreen that you wish to edit, type in the change and that’s it. No clutter, no confusion, no need for training. Frankly, your DVR is more complex than Inlet.

Every site needs a Content Management System unless you write your own code or don’t mind paying a developer $100 for 10 minutes of work. WordPress and other CMS tools have been around for a long time but they are often a security risk. Because they need to be all things to all people, they also tend to be huge installs, complex and very slow. WordPress websites are not meant to be used for business websites, they’re meant for blogging.

The other popular trend now is template-driven, low-monthly cost websites. These sites do a fair job but often try and fit a square peg (your site) into a round hole (their limited design platform). Law firm site? This template. Photographer. Same template. Restaurant? Same template. Get the idea?

Our solution is simple. We will build you a new Inlet-driven website, based on our detailed discussions around you and your business, that completely fits your needs. It will do more than these “out of the box” site builders do, it will be unique and look so much better and you can update the site content yourself from day one, no learning curve, no owner’s manual. We will help write your copy, hone your marketing message and take a look and make sure you are doing everything to keep your business running at top form.

Think you get all this from a large corporation churning out cookie-cutter websites? All of this attention and marketing knowledge for the same amount you would spend per month through these online services.

Okay, let’s do this!

Inlet Praise

Watershed Media has transformed my internet presence. My site is cool and professional and my fans love it! It's designed to be simple to update on the road so I can keep everyone informed on shows and events. In fact, sometimes I check my site myself to see where I supposed to be!

Jimmy Dunn